Can you take a taxi or Uber to the airport?

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We are planning to use Magic Express, but we have heard some people express concerns that they had been returned to the airport too close to their departure time (and also have had friends recently return who said that the security lines were long at Orlando). It’s kind of pricey to rent a car for the week when we are staying at a monorail resort and mostly focused on MK, so we are wondering if it is possible to take a taxi or Uber to the airport from WDW and approximately how much that might cost.

Thanks for your thoughts!

@sarahdamaske, Uber will cost you $23-$52 depending on the size of vehicle you choose. Here is a post that should answer all your questions, and then some:

You could be anyway from $50-90 to the airport. Use Mears fare estimator and plug in your departure address.
The lines are look long at Orlando, but they aren’t that bad. I have never missed a flight - or even come close. MDE gets you to the airport in the recommended 2 hour window before your domestic flight.

This is a $50-90 expensive I would avoid if possible because I just don’t see it as necessary. Maybe you could call MDE and see if they can pick you up an hour earlier?

Terrific, thanks for this info! I really appreciate it.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I think we will ask when we go about what to do (although the Uber link makes it look a bit cheaper and the piece of mind to not run late to the airport might be worth it to us). Thanks so much for your reassurance about your experiences!

Bear in mind, that if you check bags, MDE takes care of that for you. Uber or taxi will not. So basically with MDE & checked bags, when you get to the airport all you need to do is get thru security and get to your gate. If you Uber or taxi, you then have to wait the extra time to check your bags yourself. Just more food for thought… Good luck! :slight_smile:

Good reminder! I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks again! I appreciate it (we are getting really excited!). :slight_smile:

If you have TSA Pre-Check, that will let you take the shorter line through security at the airport. Just one more way to ease any concerns.

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With DME, I usually have the opposite concern of the original poster - DME gets us to the airport earlier than needed and we have lots of time to kill. That’s an extra hour we could have spent for 1 last ride on Splash Mountain potentially! DME is usually departing at least 3 hours prior to your flight so you’re rolling in 2 hours before and as noted, you can check all your luggage already so you can head straight to the gate. I’d be stunned if you could miss a flight with DME’s timing. And as noted, if you’re really paranoid, you should be able to book an earlier DME, at least barring an early morning flight…

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I do have to agree with @Damavs that I always think DME makes you get to the airport TOO early!! LOL.

Either way, you are able to check your bags through to the airport at your hotel regardless of if you take DME on the way back (or took in on the way in). So if you choose Uber or a limo or anything, you don’t need to take your bags with you or worry about checking them at the airport. As others have said, the security lines at Orlando have been very quick in my experience.

Yup - DH had enough time for a 30 min massage at the airport last time and we still had time to kill after that.

Thanks again all. This is very good to know and I’m glad to hear that we can still check our bags with DME even if we take a cab and that it is likely that we won’t need to. Thanks!