Can you switch a fast pass to someone else?

I read you can’t transfer Fast Passes from one person to another. But this seems like a weird thing to NOT be able to do so I want to be sure before I give up. There are 4 of us going but I got a Fast Pass for just ME for RnR. I’d like to reassign that FP to my husband instead, but it looks like I can’t. We are 55 days out from our trip, why does Disney care if I switch the FP from me to my husband?

PS: He’s not actually going to ride it, I still am. I want to assign it to him and then I will use his magic band to ride it, so don’t suggest he just uses my band :slight_smile:

I’m confused. If you have the FP and you’re going to use it, why do you need to switch it? And the answer is that the only way is by switching bands, unless you have an old version of the app that still has change party.

If you really, really, really, really need to Backside of Magic has instructions on how to install an old version of the app. but it sounds tremendously onerous. The short answer is no, you can’t.

I assume the reason is so that the OP has space to make more FP’s or something to that effect.

They removed that capability a couple of years ago, to stop people doing it in the parks from someone who wasn’t there (iow, getting extra FPs).

You might be able to get it transferred if you phone the IT help line. They have been known to do it for people.

The way to do it is as missoverexcited stated. Just switch bands for the ride you want that is assigned to someone else. I did this with my grandson who wanted to re ride a thrill ride that I had a FP for and didn’t want to ride.

Ah, ok. Thanks guys. It’s not that serious so I’ll just leave it how it is.

My husband and four-year-old only have one fast pass right now so if I switch my RnR FP (which is my 3rd) to my husband and use his band to ride it, we could all get one more fast pass. I didn’t think about that when I made it, but looking back I was like hey! I should’ve done that and we could all get a fast pass to a show or something.

You can probably use to find the same fastpass for your husband. RnRC is not that high demand that openings won’t appear.

Now, that said, most of the shows, save Fantasmic! don’t really benefit that much from FP’s. You might get marginally better seating at Indy or Frozen, but just going standby and getting there 20 min. ahead is perfectly reasonable.