Can you still check for FP in different parks?

Paging @AuntB_luvsDisney. With the changes to MDE FP modify/change buttons, can we still check for FP’s in Park 2 once we tap in for the first prescheduled FP in Park 1?

I was able to this last trip but I only had one FP prescheduled. I did not try it with two or more prescheduled. I have not seen anything to make me think it has changed.

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Nothing has changed, you can still do it just as before.

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Any of you helpful folks know of a good youtube link that shows how the modify trick now works with the changes to MDE?

So do you want to know how to Modify or how to check availability in another park?

There are now two “change” buttons, one to look at a different ride and one to find a different time for the current ride.

But to look at availability in another park, you do exactly the same as before.

You need to go in to ADD an FP, select your group and ignore the warnings about your existing FPs being deleted. They won’t be deleted until you confirm a new FP in another a park.

I was there about a week or 2 after MDE changes. You can definitely book fast passes in other parks after you have used your 3 FP for the day (Assume it’s the same if you just have one and use it). I forget exact order, but it was simple to do as I started to do it when my wife and I were about to Park hop. We were in line for Soarin, and scored a Slinky Dog FP for about 2 hours later over in HS. Best Fast Pass story I have from our trip.

Yes, but that isn’t what they were asking, at least I don’t think so. As far as I read it, they were asking about how to check in another park when you still have valid FPs.

Yes @Nicky_S that’s what I was asking. I figured it out today and found the old thread from maybe 2017 that had the steps with pictures.

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Thanks. I was referring to Modify, both to either move my ride time up (earlier) or to look for 4th and beyond Fpp’s in the park I am in.

I don’t know of any new videos.

But for Modify, it’s really just two buttons instead of one. You can either look for a new ride or a new time. But not both at the same time.

Looking for a 4th one hasn’t changed as far as I know.