Can you see DDP in MDE?

I booked my vacation through JetBlue Vacations - they had a slightly better price than Disney (air+hotel+park tix). After crunching the numbers I called to add the Disney dining plan totaht existing package. I’m a little concerned because JetBlue says it’s added (and billed my credit card) but claimed they can’t send me a receipt for it. Called Disney to confirm it was added but they said they wouldn’t be able to see it in our package since we didn’t book through them (really?), but that it should be visible to us in MDE. We don’t see it there, and so I’m not sure JetBlue added it correctly.

Should we see it in MDE? I see my resort reservation, individual dining reservations, and tickets, but no mention of DDP.

Also, JetBlue charged about $30 per day (total, for 4 of us) more than what the DDP costs through Disney. Is that something else that was screwed up, or are they allowed to charge a higher price?

Thanks in advance.

I think I could see it when looking at reservation details in MDE from a computer?

Desperately trying to remember from Christmas. I don’t think I could see it in MDE, but I use an iPad. Not the app tho, the full site.

I have a current trip in MDE and I CANNOT see my dining plan on the website. I use the full version on a computer. I booked through AAA and they book directly through Disney on my behalf (my confirmation emails are from Those email receipts do list the dining plan. That’s lousy they can’t provide a receipt for something you paid for.

I am understanding this correctly? You can book the dining plan on a reservation that was made with a third party. If I book through expedia can I add the dining plan on?

I’m no expert but their website states that a dining plan can only be purchased with a Magic Your Way Package ( Is that what you get with Expedia? Then you can probably add the dining package on. I’m not sure that AAA counts as a third party. My agent told me they use the same website I would use - they just do all the work - and save me the hassle of seeing that Someone Ate This Page error every other click.

Mine showed under tickets. It didn’t show right - it said 2 of us had QS and one was a child when it should have been 3 adults with TS - but it was there. We booked through a UK travel agent.

Thanks all. I got a receipt from JetBlue showing I purchased the DDP, but I still don’t see it on MDE.

As for adding it to an existing plan, I bought a MYW package through JetBlue. They first told me I couldn’t add the DDP without them cancelling and rebooking my package, but after a call to Disney and a call back to JetBlue they were able to add it to my plan since I had a MYW package to begin with.