Can you review my potential FastPass plans?

FastPass day is approaching. What are your thoughts on this plan?

60+1 MK (late start)
1 Splash
2 Space

60+2 AK
9 Safari
10 Kali River Rapids
Whatever time I can get for FOP
9 star tours
10 little mermaid
11 toy story mania (hopefully later modify to slinky)

60+3 EP
9 spaceship earth
10 mission space
11 test track or FEA?

60+4 MK
9 Peter Pan
10 seven dwarf
11 enchanted tales with belle or Cinderella/Elena

60+5 HS or AK (whichever I don’t do on 60+2)

60+ 6 HS
9 slinky dog
10 star tours
11 little mermaid

60 + 7 MK
10 Seven dwarf
11 haunted mansion or ??

What order should I secure the fastpasses in? I am still very much undecided about the Hollywood studios placement. Crowd level looks better at 60+5 than 60+2 but it would be easier to get an earlier slinky dog with the chance of the park opening earlier (right now at 9) than it would to get FOP. Thoughts?

Oh yeah HS will probably open earlier than 9 and you could score a early FPP for it if you’re quick about it. Depends how big a priority that is. Yeah I think I’d do AK at 60 + 5. Having a later afternoon FOP FPP is kind of annoying from a planning perspective and then you could get a better time for it. Your plan looks pretty good.

Thanks for the advice. I wish DHS were a bit easier to navigate right now in regards to planning. The good news is that we are now 2 trips past our “one trip” to the world so we have much more relaxed yet focused plans based on what we would like to do this trip.

I’m going to make my recommendations based as if you are going to AK at 60+2

In my, personal, priority list:



7DMT = 60+4

Peter Pan

Space Mt


BTMRR = 60+1

Splash = 60+1

Toy Story = 60+5

Test Track / FEA

7DMT = 60+7

Star Tours – 60+5

ETwB / Cindy M&G

Kail RR

Haunted Mansion

BTMRR = 60+7

Spaceship Earth

Mission Space

Star Tours = 60+6

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid

I am 28 days away. I found SDD harder to secure than FOP, So I would do HS at the later date, and AK at 60+2

Thanks for the advice everyone. I have until Thursday to make a decision about the HS/AK days. Eek!

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