Can you please rate few restaurants for me

What was your experience with

Mama Melrose
Tutto Italia
Via Napoli
Chefs De France

Please rate on food and if you have been with children - did they enjoy it.

I’ve been to Tutto Italia & Boma. Both are very good. Never been with little kids though.

Boma is DS11’s FAVORITE restaurant - and has been since age 7. DDs7 also like it - even my “fussy” eater can find something to eat there.

It is a bit noisy, however. If you’re looking for a quiet time I would suggest early or later. At prime time it’s pretty packed.

Can’t help you with the rest - we have plenty of Italian food near us, so don’t do it there, and have never eaten at Chefs - it’s on my bucket list.

I have been to Mama Melrose, Via Napoli and Bona ( for breakfast). At Mama Melrose I ordered the steak and it was great. My grown son ordered pasta with a white sauce and chicken. It was inedible. I think if you do your research you could be very happy there. Via Napoli had good pizza. They say a large feeds 2-3, it was about two slices too much for two adults. Honestly, I enjoy the pizza at Wolfgang Puck Express as much, maybe even more, but I think Via Napoli is a great choice for a family. I went to Boma for breakfast. There are plenty of choices for everyone! I must say though it is a little expensive for a non character meal ( will you be on the dining piano?). I prefer Sanaa which could be a lot cheaper but I do not know about the kid’s choices.

We have Sanaa booked for another night. We do have free ddp with our package

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Then yes! Boma will be great!

I am a SUPER picky water and I LOVED Boma!!

CdF - Was not impressed. It is particularly disappointing if you go there hoping for a French dining experience.

Mama Melrose- was an eh - no children

Boma- was fabulous, something really for everyone to like- have gone every trip for past few years except this last trip b/c decided to save a day for pool- no children when did go

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Boma is my favorite WDW buffet… and their breakfast buffet is just as awesome!

Via Napoli is the best pizza at WDW and maybe all of Florida… other than a salad or maybe an Ap, thats all I would get at VN.

Tutto Italia was a great meal, I liked it very much and its a nice romantic setting.

I wasn’t a fan of Mama Melrose and Chefs De France, enough to the point where I wouldn’t go again.

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Loved saana last trip. Fan of Boma from previous trips. Boma is buffet with more African inspired choices that also has standard kid fare ie pizza, mac n cheese for the kids and non adventurous eaters.

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With kids, I’ve only been to Via Napoli and it was great. It was loud and busy, but that to me is perfect for kids. My kids all got spaghetti and My husband and I split a pizza that was huge. We all also had a fried mozzarella app off the kids menu for the table to share that was delish.

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No experience with kids, but here are my short answers.

Mama Melrose - I love the pizza (second only to VN as the best in WDW. One of my “go-to” places in DHS

Tutto Italia - Very good “traditional” Italian food. Not as good as some Italian food I’ve had, but definately several cuts above Olive Garden.

Boma - One of only 2 buffets in WDW that I will go to voluntarily. I love the soups, salads, and desserts. Entrees are OK, but IMHO, underseasoned.

Via Napoli - One of my favorites in all of WDW. The pizza is OUTSRANDING; some of the best I’ve had anywhere (and I gre up in the greater NYC area). Can’t comment on non-pizza selections.

Chefs De France - I’ve only had lunch there, but based on those experiences, one of my least favorite TSs in EP. Crowded, noisy, unpleasant wait staff, and food that seemed to be “French” in name only. Dinner menu appears to be more authentic, but just haven’t wanted to try it (Monsieur Paul, up stairs, has excellent, if expensive, French cuisine).

I did not do Tutto Italia, but did recently try the bar area, Tutto Gusto. It was very good, and I would definitely recommend it with or without kids. It was a bit noisy and dark, but that was fine for dinner. Lots of tasty bread and olives came out before the meal. My in laws ordered a bottle of wine that they first tried in Italy two years ago and had been searching for - with no luck - in the US ever since. I had the steak, which was tasty but very fatty. Everyone else ordered small plates - pasta, pannini, and sliders - all good, but small. Kids both had pasta, I believe. This was a couple of weeks ago.

The only other that I have tried on your list is Les Chefs. I had it for lunch one day and was seriously underwhelmed by the food. The highlight for sure was the fried chicken tenders that they made for my kids. Those were so tasty. We went with an inexpensive bottle of wine, and maybe it’s our fault for being cheap, but it was awful. But on the plus side, they seated us for lunch during a rainstorm with no ADR and no wait. Service was good. And note that this was a few years ago now.

The bread and olive selection comes out at Tutto Italia as well - truly excellent. Between that and the wonderful caprese salad, I was almost too full to finish my lasagna. I had their “house” chianti to go with my meal, which was the perfect balance to the otherwise fairly heavy food.

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Seriously - I would have been fine with the bread, olives, and an app or two! I loved that when we finished the first plate of olives, they immediately brought out more. It was very good service - and I should add that they promptly seated us as a party of 6!

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Thanks guys - I am taking Chefs De France off my list and changing it to Tutto Italia

Not sure about Mama Melrose. Should we leave the park and eat at boma?

I would always say Boma or Sanaa over MM.


If you are not planning on returning to the park after your meal, then Boma would be a good option (especially if you happen to be staying at AKL). But to go all the way from DHs to AKL for a meal (either Sanaa or Boma) and then back again would take a pretty major chunk of time out of you day. And remember, Boma is not open for lunch, so it would have to be a dinner option.

We won’t return in the park.

We have two HS days. One PM and one AM day. Is Boma not worthy of travelling to AK just for a meal? Everybody keeps mentioning it as must do