Can you “overbook” dining reservations?

So our 180 day is tomorrow, and I have our reservations all planned. The unknown right now is when DAH MK dates will be for our trip as well as EMM for TSL. I have back up and contingency plans depending on when those dates are released. My question is, then, can I reserve a few “extra” dining options without penalty and then cancel when those DAH and EMM dates are finally released for summer? I think I can but I want to verify-thanks!

Yep. As long as they don’t overlap with each other, you can book as many dining reservations as you want. Make sure the hard-to-get ones are at times you want to keep because it is difficult to reschedule those. Good luck!

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You can as long as they don’t overlap.

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Great! The must haves are going to be CRT for 8:00 breakfast, 1900 Park Fare breakfast, BOG for PPO, and Hollywood and Vine for the Fantasmic Dining package.

The ADR must be an hour or more apart.

I have had luck booking an overlapping reservation from the adr finder link. Then when I decide the best option, I drop the one I don’t need.

I’m not sure why that is, but I have also had reservation overlaps through the reservation finder. I had an ADR for BOG at 7:20 p.m. and put in a reservation finder request for dinner that night at Artist Point, got the notification they had an opening at 7:20 p.m. and booked it. Both reservations showed on my plans. I just recently canceled the BOG when I secured another res for BOG on a different night. This has happened more than once, but only when using the reservation finder. There must be some kind of glitch involved when you go through the reservation finder.

On my ADR day I made up to 3 BOG reservations per day for 3 days lol. I have PPO for those days in case hours change and then have 2 options for lunch, early at 1100 and late at 225. As we get closer to the trip it’s easier to decide what to keep.


I did something like this in the past but I was looking for us to be able to do a breakfast, lunch and dinner at BOG all the same day. I posted about it and was letting the reservations go and got blasted. The main point I was trying to make was that I had not made them at the same time, I had made them over weeks and weeks, and then decided what we were going to do. Lots of people are looking for BOG so if you can, make your choices soon so others can also enjoy it.