Can you order food to-go from sit-down resort restaurants like Sanaa?


Just wondering if I could, say, get the bread service and snack on it by the pool.


For Sanaa you can order at the bar and ask for a container.


I am sorry but this is not accurate in my experience. I have gone to Sanaa in late 2015 at lunch time and ordered the bread service. I then took it to the pool. I also did it at dinner time at Jiko twice (Feb 2017 and two weeks ago). On the recent trip the hostess at Jiko was unsure if I could but I just said I was staying there and had done it before and she was ok. I then talked to the bartender and got the bread order. He was 100% fine with it. I was far too under-dressed for the place too.


Fair enough. That’s not my experience or what I have seen discussed here and on chat, but if you’ve done it it’s obviously possible at least sometimes.


My son and his girlfriend were point blank told no in the past. I have only heard of it working at bars. They will also give you a plastic cup for drinks :wink:


Point taken. It must depend on who is working. Confidence and saying you know ordering from the bar is allowed might help. Maybe staying away from peak dinner times would also help avoid a denial.