Can you order desserts only at WDW full service restaurants?

We’d like to try some of the desserts in the Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant but not order lunch or dinner. Are you allowed to just order desserts? For example in mid-afternoon in between normal meal times?



The exception would be at a restaurant that has a prix fixe menu. Of which HBD is not one. So go right on ahead and order whatever you want, and nothing you don’t!


You can also order HBD desserts (grapefruit cake at least,) at the lounge outside if you prefer that. It’s hot these days though.

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Mmmmm grapefruit cake. Hoping to eat that this week. Mmmm


Thank you, I was thinking the grapefruit cake sounds yummy and the baked alaska also!

I think this is a great idea and you should go for it! But having worked in a restaurant, I would just recommend you tip a little more than 20% (maybe a lot more) if you end up keeping the table tied up longer or if 20% is an insultingly low number. Like at HBD I would expect the tip to be at least $5 for half an hour or $10 for an hour at your table. (Because it would probably be $20+ if you were ordering food.)

It’s not just the service being given you but the fact that you’re preventing your server from getting a party seated that would tip them much more. (I understand this topic is controversial and you are free to do whatever you feel is best! Just adding my two cents.)


… which is why I didn’t say exactly what you have said.

When we go anywhere and take a table for “less than” the norm we tip up.

Except that time at Il Mulino when, as soon as it became clear to the server that we were only getting an entree (no drinks, no apps, no desserts) he became a rude jerk. Then I tipped exactly on what I ordered. It’s too bad he anticipated a low tip because he wouldn’t have gotten one if he had been as kind and attentive as he started out being. But it ended up being a self-fulfilling prophecy :wink:


Great reminder Jeff. We were thinking of going during a quiet time in the afternoon when we wouldn’t be hogging a table, Minimum tip rather than just % is a good idea.