Can you link 3 families on MDE?

We are a group of 10 travelling together next September. Myself, DH, DD16, DD12 - my brother, his wife, DS8 & DD4 - and our parents. We are on separate holiday bookings with our tour company (from UK) but we will want to make some ADR together and some FPP. But some days we will be going to different parks. If we all have our own MDE accounts and link them can we still make our own separate FPP and ADR? Also would only 1 person have the control?

Hi @Deb72 - Yes, 3 families can link on MDE. Separate FPPs and dining reservations may still be made. Everyone is able to make their own FPPs and dining.

Check this link for more information. Hope this helps smile

@MeetMeAtThePoly Thank you so much for the info. I will pass on the link to my family so they can read it also. smile