Can you help me with HS Fastpasses?

Hi friends,

I posted on chat that show-times and cancellations are making it really difficult to plan our day at Hollywood Studios.

Honestly, I don’t know what Fastpasses to choose, and my window opens up next week.

-We’re going pre-Toy Story Land Opening
-Currently FP+ is not an option for TSMM.
-No one else in my family wants to do ToT or RnR (I can maybe pull off a quick single-rider ride of RnR before or after F!).

What else is there for FP+? Have you ever Fastpassed a show at HS and found out later that you were so glad you did it? Have you ever Fastpassed a show and thought it was a waste? (Like the FP+ window for the Frozen singalong is so small, that you have to arrive so early that it seems counter-helpful to what a FP is for!)

Please help!

FPs for shows all have a small window. You need to arrive around 15 minutes before the show, to avoid finding they’ve already opened up the reserved seating to all-comers.

I got FPs for Indy over Christmas/ New Year (30th) and was glad I did because we saw people at the previous two shows being turned away and advised to come back earlier for the next one.

I know that’s an exception to the norm, but if you need to FP a show to fill your day (i.e.: you’re not park hopping) and not doing TOT, RnR or TSMM then you’ll have to I think! There’s only Star Tours and Muppets left, plus maybe a m&g? I would pick whatever show is a must-do for your family/group.

Regardless, I found DHS hard to plan and got incredibly frustrated. I wanted to allow plenty of time (like a couple hours) for launch Bay, and see the First Order March and stuff. Show times definitely make it tough.


Thanks @Nicky_S. Helpful.