Can you get French Fries at Chefs de France?

My kids are meat eaters, but veggies, not so much. They’ll love the entrees at Chefs de France, but would probably prefer a side of fries to polenta or scalloped potatoes. Does anyone know if they or any of the higher end EPCOT table service restaurants will serve a side of fries?


Le Cellier offers 3 different Poutines to choose from which are essentially Fries with interesting toppings. They are basically appetizers and not sides so they’d cost you an extra $10, but it may be worth it for familial harmony. We had the Bacon-Cheddar Poutine and it was excellent, and I’m not a big fry guy normally…

Given they do make fries at Le Cellier for the Poutine, you might be able to get it as an off menu side, but I haven’t tried that.

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I did look at Le Cellier, but as we are Canadian, it seemed like a cop out. I may have to make some changes, however. Thanks.

Le Cellier is good, but would be slightly less attractive if their “exotic” food was your readily available. You would be able to talk hockey with all your servers though so there’s upside there :smile:

Frankly if the kids are good with the entree, I wouldn’t sweat it too much if they either don’t like or eat the sides. You can always grab them a snack later if needed. I’d go for the restaurant you really want that the kids will at least eat the entree at and call it a day…

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The kids menu offers a hamburger that’s served with a side of fries. So, they already have fries in the kitchen. I can’t see them giving you a hard time about substituting fries for polenta or scalloped potatoes, especially since it’s for your kids.

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Oh! I forgot to look at the kids’ menu, as mine are now starting to order from the adult menu. Thanks.

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Sure thing! It’s an easy thing to forget to look at.