Can you get Fast Passes to the same ride twice?

My 7 year old and I want to ride Space Mountain, but my 4 year old says NO THANKS. I would like to get a FP for my husband and 4 year old at the same time my 7 year old and I are riding Space Mountain. I am planning to get a FP for Buzz Lightyear and Speedway for the 4 of us another time that day. Could I get another FP for Buzz or Speedway for the 2 of them on the same day? Wondering if you can get more than one FP for the same ride on the same day?

If you have a better idea for a ride near by that a 4 year old might like, I’m open to suggestions! We’d like it to be near Space Mountain if possible.

If I am understanding your question, I don’t think so, unfortunately, at least not the initial pre-booked 3. Could they do Buzz in standby line while you do FP for Space and then all of you get FP for Buzz later?

people mover! and possibly carousel of progress

both are typically walk ons, or very low wait standby


Yes, it would be part of our initial 3 for the day, so sounds like no. They could do standby, I just hate to waste 2 potential fast passes! I could send them to Fantasyland to ride something at the same time with a FP. We are doing Early Morning Magic that morning so most of Fantasyland will be accomplished already. But I probably can’t go wrong with doing something a second time in Fantasyland!

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. You can have all 4 people have FP+ for 2 rides and then have a 3rd ride where you split your party in 2 (2 people get SM and 2 people get something else). It might take a little work to make it fit well vs the times but it should be possible.

So here’s my question:

All 4 FP: Buzz Lightyear 10 AM
All 4 FP: Tomorrowland SPeedway 11 AM
2 FP: Space Mountain 12 PM
2 FP: Buzz lightyear 12 PM

Can I have Buzz Lightyear twice on the same day? (as part of my initial first 3)

No, you cannot have double.


But you could get some other 2 FPP instead of the second BuzzLightyear, and once those are used likely get Buzz as your 4th in park FPP

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If she makes her second buzz for something else can she then change it to buzz after she taps in for the first buzz FPP? Or do you have to use that 3rd one for something else no matter what? Not sure if what I just said makes sense :joy:

You can’t get twice the same ride in your original 3 choices but you can definitely get Buzz again later as day-of FP+ after your first 3 are done. One day, we did Buzz 5 times doing that. Once your first 3 are done, keep on refreshing MDE until you get what you want. Last November we had a 14-FP+ day at MK. :smiley:

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That makes sense but I don’t know if will show it as an option? It may allow a modification?

Also… Tomorrowland Speedway is permanently closed to build the new Tron ride.

Tomorrowland Speedway is temporarily closed:

Depending upon when you go Buzz can be very easy to get as 4th plus same day. We have done multiple time in a row by booking it again after we tap in.

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It was my understanding it is temporarily closed until mid May. We are going in Late May/early June. I’ll make sure to double check before getting my FP’s.

Okay, smart people, what about this:

What if I just scratch the Space Mountain FP and rope drop it? We have Early Morning Magic that morning, so we’ll be in Fantasyland 7:30-9. Can someone who has Rope Dropped after being in EMM share their experience? Will they let us in Tomorrowland before 9 AM so we can be “first” in line for Space Mountain? Then we could head to eat our EMM breakfast and continue the rest of our day.

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My DD loved Astro Orbiter at age 5, and monsters Inc laugh floor could be fun too. Stich Meet and Greet? None should have crazy lines in the first hour.

This happens to us all the time because I don’t go on the rougher coasters. What I do is hand off my FP and one of the kids rides twice. I go on AstroOrbiter, PeopleMover or Carousel of Progress, the rest of the family. catches up and we get a snack, etc. while waiting for the Privileged One to finish his second ride.

Then I find a way to make it up with the other two, usually one gets my BTMRR FP and another gets my RnR FP. You & your 7 yo ride twice now; your DH & 4 yo ride twice later. It all works out in the end.

But don’t waste a FP on a ride that doesn’t need one.


People Mover was a surprise favourite with my 3 and 5 year olds last week. There’s also a Buzz Lightyear meet over there, if your older kid wouldn’t mind missing it? We also managed to pick up Buzz as our fourth fastpass on both MK days of our trip.

We did the same with BTMRR last year–my wife decided not to ride and gave me her magic band w/ FP so I could ride twice. It was great! The CMs don’t know and don’t care whose magic band it is.