Can you get a tier 1 ride for 4th FPP? (Specifically HS?)

In a FB discussion, someone relayed that they were in HS, used all 3 advance FP, and were unable to get a Tier 1 ride as a 4th. This is what the person said:

It said something like you already used a FP in this category. We stoped and asked at one of the Customer Service kiosks, and the CM told us the once you use a tier 1 FP in that park you are blocked from making any other tier 1 FP’s that day. This is for Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. So, if I’m wrong the CM working the kiosk is wrong.

So, I know there is something wonky here since MK doesn’t have tiers to begin with… lol… but wondering about the possibility that they changed something and you can’t get a tier 1 as a 4th FP?? Can anyone confirm that they have recently been able to get a 4th tier-1 FP in HS?

I was able to in November. Maybe there is a holiday matrix???

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That CM was wrong.

Nothing more to be said, nothing to worry about.


Sometimes it seems like it does not register used FPs. Did they try going to guest services. The CM at the kiosk did not know that MK does not have tiers?

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Yeah, I don’t know if it was the CM who said “MK” or if it was the person posting and maybe they just misspoke? (Although they spelled out the whole name, not like they said “MK” but meant “AK” lol). We go next week and I was just wondering if I should be prepared for this possibility - although it isn’t like any particular 4th FP is a guarantee anyway, but I would be bummed to see something available but it not letting me get it. Maybe it was just a glitch on their end and they got bad info from the CM…? If we have an issue I’ll try to get to GS!

Thanks everyone! :smiley:

Last Wednesday, we got TOT as a 4th and 5th FPP.


Yeah I wouldn’t worry. If it was the norm, forums and blogosphere would be blowing up about it


Yes, that was also a thought I had, which made me think this was not the new norm!

I am at HS today and booked TOT as a 4th and Alien Saucer as a 5th, TSMM as a 6th. That CM was definitely wrong.


Wow! Quite an accomplishment, given the crazy high holiday crowds. Well done. :clap: This gives me hope for same day FP for my spring break trip.


You know you’re a Liner if … you did that! Well done!