Can you fit any rides in after Happily Ever After Fireworks

I pushed optimize on my MK tour and it recommended going on Winne the Pooh and Space Mountain after the Happily Ever After Fireworks. Is this possible? And, will it be hard to make it back to these rides on a day where the crowd level is 8 at MK? Thanks!

What time is official closing and what time is HEA?

HEA is at 9:15 and MK officially closes at 10

You should be able to. The, on my plan for the day we are going, has the duration of HEA being 18 minutes, so that would put you at 9:33 when it ends.
Hope this helps

Then yes you’ll be able to. I don’t know what lines will be like though.

I do think it is possible.

However, depending of your location for viewing the HEA, plan more time to get to Pooh or Space Mtn,
The vast majority of the crowd will head south toward the exit, making any attempt to go in any other direction quite hard for about 10 minutes after the fireworks.

Yep, we rode BTMRR several times before close.

HEA is at 915 and we had planned to watch from the hub and then do some shopping on our way out to let some crowds get out with a scheduled 10 pm close, but park hours have been extended to 11 so I was thinking we may be able to score some extra park time.

  1. What are crowds/lines like after HEA?
  2. And if we do stay, what do the crowds like at park close? I’ve only left parks at closing right after nighttime shows. Do most leave after FW?
  3. What about watching HEA from CG on a different night and then entering park for one or two last attractions with an 11 pm close—is it too difficult to swim upstream by entering at 945ish?

So, we were there on 12/26 after Christmas Wishes. We were trying to get into the park during the mass exodus out. It was definitely like swimming upstream. We pulled to the side before Main Street and waited. The crowds definitely went down from when we were there earlier. DD17 was able to ride quite a few rides. It was easy for me to go down Main Street. I was exhausted by this time, so I didn’t go anywhere else.

I’m excited about the extra hour! Our schedule was so tight for MK! I’ll definitely use it! Do you think that’ll affect the crowd levels? I’m guessing it won’t because they also added EMHs the day before we go to MK.

I was wondering if they’d also move HEA’s time or if it would be the same. Looks like they kept HEA at 9:15, but it also looks like they moved UOAT to 10. I’m guessing my kids are going to want to see that before we can fit in any more rides. I’m excited though because now I don’t have to start saving spots for fireworks at 7:15! I’m guessing we should start saving spots for HEA at about 8:30 then?

I’m interested in what rides might be the best to squeeze in in the last hour.