Can you eat at Disney shows

Just wondering if it’s Ok to bring a snack into shows such as Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast?

Some you can and some you cannot. I know 100% you can at Beauty and the Beast but I’m not sure about Mermaid

I seem to recall someone on here saying awhile back that if the show is outdoors you can, indoors you can’t. But I am hoping someone who actually knows and is not just trying to remember can confirm for you or not.

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That’s what I was told, and it worked for me.

What HS shows are outdoors? Any? I know AK shows are outside.

Beauty and the Beast, I think Indy counts as outdoor but wouldn’t swear to it. Fantasmic and the SW stage shows are outside.

At AK there are outside shows but Lion King and Nemo which are the 2 main ones, as well as Tough to be a Bug are all indoor.

Indy you can eat at


I thought so but we never eat at shows.


I’m pretty sure you can bring a Dole Whip into the Tiki room.

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Whatever the “rule” is, just be aware of how your eating impacts those around you. (Put another way, if someone were eating next to you, what kinds of things might annoy you?)

Also, consider allergens. I have children who are so allergic to peanuts, that the smell of peanut butter could trigger a reaction…so in the very least, avoid severe allergens like peanut butter. (Try Sunbutter, almond butter, or Soynut butter as safe alternatives.)


My wife has Celiac, so I know about food allergies. Although hers isn’t a true “allergy” it’s what she tells people because that’s what they understand. I can’t say I have ever brought food into a show, but I did try at the Frozen Sing-a-long last time only to be made to throw it out.