Can you do genie+ at 7am the morning of the day you check in?

We’re staying at the B resort tonight and checking in to the boardwalk tomorrow. The plan is to do genie plus tomorrow morning at 7am for DHS and drive to boardwalk early tomorrow morning. Leave our stuff in the car, walk into the boardwalk lobby, get cards for the kids (they’ll serve as their magicbands) and then walk to DHS for rope drop.
My 2 big questions are:

  1. will we be able to do the genie plus tomorrow morning at 7am? Because, technically, we won’t be checked in to a disney resort until later that day.
  2. can we get cards from the boardwalk guest services early in the morning?

You should have access to G+ for your entire arrival day; basically 12:01am - 12:00 midnight, as long as your tickets are all in MDE. I don’t understand the card question? Are you buying tickets? Only ticket sale windows have ticket cards, that I’m aware of.

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Yes you have access at 7am. I would do online check in just to be sure.

I’m not so sure on the cards, but if you actually go and check in even if your room isn’t ready then maybe? I would probably have them set up on magic mobile to be safe.

They mean like the KTTW cards to use for park entry etc as they won’t have MBs.

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oh… ok. I think that only the resort can issue those cards, but I’ve never tried to get those kind of cards from GS at a park either.

ETA: I want to know now :wink:

They’re asking if they can get them from Boardwalk. The question is if they can get them first thing, rather than when their room is ready.

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ohhhhh… yes, the resort will give them room cards and tell them that they won’t work on a room until the room has been assigned and is ready.

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thanks for the info. yes, we got the disney world e-tickets a while back from undercover tourist. All the tickets are on our mde account. Yeah, I just want to make sure to get the cards in the morning, bc I’ve heard from here that they are easier and quicker to scan at the gates then the phone app.

plus, conserving your phone battery is essential since Disney requires its use… TOO much :wink: Have a GREAT time!

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Onsite and offsite guests are identical for Genie+ purposes. Both can book starting at 7am.

It’s only for Individual Lightning Lane rides ($ILL) like RotR that there’s a difference. For those, onsite guests can book at 7am while offsite has to wait til park open.

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Or you can leave things with Bell Services at Boardwalk (since you talk of stopping there to get the KTTW cards) until you have a room and are ready to access it. It’s an option in case you don’t want things staying in a hot car.

We used G+ to get LL while on the plane on our arrival day no problem. We did not do online checkin first.