Can you critique my first touring plan, please!

I’ve spent hours working on my first try at a touring plan. I set the TP at a very relaxed pace with minimal walking, optimized, then I tweeked it to what appears to be even less walking. I want to have time to stop for photos, soak in the atmosphere, and enjoy. What do I need to change in this plan to accomplish that?

For background, it will be myself, my husband, and our 2 grandsons ages 9 & 8. We’ve done Disneyland in Anaheim the last 2 summers. Our typical day would be rope drop to 5pm or so, then dinner off site. I assume we can handle the same schedule although I realize MK is bigger so we may wear out faster, not sure. This will be our 3rd day at MK but the 1st full day. We have 8 day park hoppers.

Husband will have a mobility scooter. Do I need to factor in additional waiting time for accessible queues? We plan to take the Fantasyland Railroad to The Frontierland Depot to Splash. Can the scooter go on the train or will he need to meet us over there?

Thanks in advance, and I hope I got the link right!! Any feedback, changes, anything I forgot to factor in would be much appreciated. I’m used to showing up and grabbing FP’s as I go. Not used to all the planning.

I cannot answer your scooter questions, but I am sure someone can!

Can you tell me about Stitch as your first step? Stitch and People Mover are two attractions that can pretty much be done at any time. Astro Orbitor may take some time since it has an elevator, and Space is always a great choice for rope drop. Is there a reason you have that beginning sequence?

I’m not sure what type of advice you’re looking for, so I’m just going to throw out some random thoughts.

  1. You say that this is a very relaxed plan, but to my eyes it looks super jammed. I don’t think of myself as relaxed, but maybe I am because I would never do a tour that packed.

  2. You have 40 minutes for lunch. I’d make that an hour.

  3. You have supper @ 5pm, for a big buffet. If I’ve had lunch at noon, I’d make that for 6pm, if the ressie window is still available.

  4. I’d personally cancel Stitch. And I’d be in the minority, but I’d cancel Tomorrowland Speedway. And Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

Cancelling some rides, along with a slightly longer lunch and pushed back supper, will create some breathing room. Not just for a more relaxed day, but also…

  1. I’d add Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. I assume it’s left off because of the refurb schedule. It’s not official, but it’s starting to look like they are pushing the refurb back, and that it will be good to go for your trip in June.
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Thank you both for your replies. TP put Stitch and People Mover first when I optimized. I thought it looked super jammed too, that’s exactly what I’m looking for, any suggestions, thoughts, whatever.

The 12:10 BOG lunch was an afterthought. I’ve been trying to adjust the timing but no luck so far. I may cancel and do Columbia Harbor House or Cosmic Rays a bit earlier.

Tomorrowland Speedway looks a lot like Disneyland’s Autopia and the kids love Autopia. Stitch and Aladdin, I have no idea, but we want to ride as much as we can.

When I started this TP, BTM was closed. That’s a definite, so I’m back to the drawing board.

We have several days, so I may try to divide the days by lands and see how that works out. Maybe Fantasyland our first evening, June 1. I have Epcot EMH planned for June 2, so we may take a few hours break, then Tomorrowland and Wishes that evening. This day maybe I’ll do our favorites during EMH, FP Space, hit the other side of the park and FP BTM & Splash.

This is a 1st for me and it’s been a lot harder than I thought. Maybe I’m putting too much thinking into it. Thank you again.

One more thing, sorry. My goal is to come up with a good plan with the least amount of walking, even if it means waiting a little longer in line. I don’t want to end up with FP’s that have us running from one side of the park to another. I’m old. My feet hurt after a day in little Disneyland. I’m really worried about the larger size of MK. Thanks.

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We are this way too. That’s why I make personalized plans, land by land, to avoid criss-crossing the park. Then I evaluate them but never optimize. The optimized plans have you running back and forth it seems.