Can you change person linked to magic band?

We have 2 magic bands we bought and used on a trip this past summer. The magic bands were for me and my kids mother. Now my kids mom and two kids are going to disney jan 22. Can one of the kids use my magic band? Or is there no way for the magic band to be reassigned to one of the kids?

Once used you cannot reassign them. They could be used to open a resort door but not for tickets etc.

They could just get the credit card type key to the world cards instead, they don’t need magic bands. But if they’re young they will want them.


There’s no way to reassign a magic band unfortunately.

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The only time I’ve been able to reassign was when I bought an MB plus for my brother, assigned it to him, he told me he didn’t want it, so I took it to the front desk at BLT and they assigned it to my husband for me. (My brother hadn’t used it yet.)