Can you buy non character Ollivander's wands online?

I went into Ollivanders in Diagon Alley with 2 objectives: 1) buy myself an interactive wand and 2) buy a non interactive collectible wand to commemorate my wedding anniversary. I got the interactive one fairly easily but when I saw the one for my anniversary it had a huge skull on it. I mean, HUGE. I normally like stuff like that but I was hoping for one of the really pretty wands in this case. So I asked to try one of my kids’ bdays that happens to be a holiday…another big skull. And the date we first came to Universal for HP…a 3rd big skull! I was very put off by this and then left with only my interactive wand (which I love). Since coming home I have regretted not buying at least one of the big skull wands however. I do not see where they are available online, I only see the ones that are said to be professors or students etc. (such as “Hermione’s wand”). Can you only buy from Ollivanders in the park? Can you buy from them over the phone?

WB store has wands online idk if this is what you are looking for