Can you buy a gift card with a gift card?

Well? Can you?



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at least not at target, where i’ve been buying 5% off dis gift cards w/ my redcard.

For a while you could at Sam’s Club, but I heard they’re cracking down on that. You definitely cannot at Target or most other places.

Target used to allow but not anymore. :frowning:

I wanted the cool metal gift card at SWGE. You can’t pay with a gift card or with a magic band. Cash or credit card only.

There may be exceptions, but I have never heard of being allowed to buy gift card with a gift card.

Did something change recently with Walmart GCs?

Used to be able to buy Disney GCs with Walmart GCs at Sam’s Club.
Problem for me was finding decently discounted Walmart GCs at etc to make it worthwhile.

That seems weird to me because isn’t your credit card the underlying payment method with the magic band?

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I thought I saw on “a Facebook group” that some people were having trouble converting Sam’s Club in Disney GC’s and some purchases were getting rejected.

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Magic band charges to the room balance (not straight to your credit card), which you could conceivably then pay off with a gift card, I guess.

Because I ran into exactly the same issue as @mousematt buying the metal gift card—couldn’t pay with my band and had to do it directly with the credit card instead.

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I bought several gift cards while I was there last week and could not buy them with my Magic Band – I had to use my Disney Visa card (which is what I have on my Magic Band so no big deal for me, but I can see that being an issue for others).