Can you bridge DLR tickets?

I’ve read about this a bunch for WDW but am not sure if it works the same at DLR. My employer has a corporate alliance with Disney that I can buy discounted tickets through, so the actual tickets are still bought through the Disney website. For one-park-per-day tickets, though, I can only buy up to 2 days. So, could I buy two day tickets, use one day, then upgrade to a 3 day ticket and keep the savings?

Yes, you should be able to. I have bridged my three day park hopper into an AP multiple times. I don’t see why you couldn’t do it for an extra day.


I recently bridged a discounted 4-day ticket into a 5-day with MaxPass and the savings carried forward - they only charged me the difference between the retail prices of the two types of tickets. Should work the same way unless there are special rules with your employer’s tickets, but if they look like normal tickets, they probably are and should be fine.


Perfect, thank you both!

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