Can you all help me pick which parks on which days?

My ADR window is opening in a few days, and I need to have an idea of which parks we will be in on which days so we can make dining reservations. How do you decide? Just crowd predictors? EMH? HELP!

We land Saturday Jan 26, 2019 12noon.
Our flight home is Saturday Feb 2nd at 6:45pm.
Party of 5 - 3 adults 2 kids (age 2 & 6)
Renting DVC at AK Jambo
We would like one full day with no plans, or ‘optional’ things
2 Full days in MK
We do have park hoppers

What would you all do? HELP!!!

Fun! Although, there are so many variables/options!

Here would be my tentative plan:

Jan 26 - Arrive and go to Disney Springs
Jan 27 - Magic Kingdom EMH, and if crowds get bad, park hop to Epcot
Jan 28 - Hollywood Studios
Jan 29 - Day off
Jan 30 - Epcot
Jan 31 - Animal Kingdom
Feb 1 - Magic Kingdom (Day 2)
Feb 2 - Whatever you want to do again!


Thanks Ryan! Any method to this? Should I be worried going to HS so early on because of FPP availability for Toy Story/

Well, my method relies first and foremost using the Crowd Calendar from Undercover Tourist. But since the week you are going doesn’t have a large crowd (except your arrival day), you could easily swap Hollywood Studios with the Epcot day if the FPP for Toy Story is a concern.

Animal Kingdom is later so to ensure you can get a FPP for FOP (if so desired, not that your kids would ride it).

Funny, my family is taking the same trip on same dates but we’re staying 4 nights Poly and 3 nights WL. Here is my plan.

Sat night - Epcot
Sunday - Epcot thru lunch, return to Poly and spend afternoon and evening at Poly
Monday - AK all day and night
Tues - HS morning until noonish; lunch at Sanaa; dinner at Disney Springs (my kids our 4 and 6 and probably too young to enjoy most of HS except Toy Story Land)
Weds - flex morning; MK, check into WL, MK at night
Th - MK, evening at WL
Fri - MK all day
Sat - flex

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@wilks09 My kids are also too young for a lot of HS. And both girls, so not a whole lot of interest in Star Wars stuff. My HS will probably be early. Do you think Fanstasmic will be worth it with them? Anndddd do you think the weather will be good enough for lots of pool time?

I have not done fantasmic so can’t speak to it but we don’t plan on going. We do plan on pool time. We live in Boston so average temps will feel warm to us during New England winter and pools should be heated.

@wilks09 Ahhh! We are in the Boston area too. Maybe we will be on the same flights lol

I will be there at the same time as well! That’s so funny! In prepping things before hours and such came out, I used a combo of the Touring Plans site, Kenny the Pirate, and Undercover Tourist, trying to go with things that at least were at kind of the median or lower. Fingers crossed!!

We’re actually going to go with:

Sunday - AK
Monday - EP
Tuesday - HS
Wednesday - Relax/DS
Thursday - MK
Friday - Universal

MK looks pretty good Friday on most of these predictors too though since you aren’t doing UO.

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Fantasmic was something both my daughters really enjoyed. They were 7 and 10 at the time. I think your 6 year old would like it a lot, not so sure about the 2 year old. I know that not everyone likes it, but our whole family thought it was awesome.

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Do you plan to visit the parks on arrival or day?

Yup. Arrive Saturday afternoon and plan on heading to Epcot for dinner and fireworks

@BoilerMomPharmD We may try to get a FP for a big attraction at AK, since we are staying so close to that park. But I am not planning a full on park experience that night. I would like to check out the resort :slight_smile:

@wilks09 Are you flying out of Logan? We are looking at flights now. We are on the North Shore so it’s an hour drive to the airport. I don’t want to leave my house at 4am, but I don’t want to arrive too late either!

I’m going on the same exact dates. We are doing parks everyday, but after 3pm or 4pm just hanging out at AKL. My kids will probably only need to see fireworks once the whole trip.

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Yes I will be flying out of Logan

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I am thinking we should do the AK night show and MK. I am ok to skip Illuminations and Fantasmic.