Can You Add Two Parks to a TouringPlan?

When I goto add a plan to one of my universal days, I can only seem to add one park, not both US & IOA.
Is it not possible to add both parks to a touringplan? One the day in question, I selected both parks to attend.

No, it is two different plans.

So, if for instance, I’m getting park hoppers for our Universal days. I plan on going to both parks (US & IOA) on Jan. 7. I would need to make 2 separate plans for each park? If so, I guess that means, I wouldn’t be crossing back and forth from park to park. I would be going to one park from a certain time, then in the second part of the day going to the other park.
I guess, a question I would have then, is, is it inefficient to cross back and forth from US to IOA?

Do you have a Universal subscription? There are touring plans for two parks.

Let’s see if this works:

They are under adult plans

Yeah. I have Universal subscription. I tried adding 2 parks (US & IOA) to plan, but it didn’t let me. I could only add one. I’ll try again.

The link should bring you to the premium plans.

The two park plans are actually 2 separate plans with a break built into the first & the times of the second match that break. So USF is 8a-8p with a break 11-3. And your second plan is IOA with plan times of 11-3.

It’s not inefficient, they are right next door to each other. If you hop using Hogwarts Express, that sometimes has a long line.

Yes, but they are right there! I honestly have never felt the need for a touring plan for universal !

You might not need a Touring Plan for Universal. We didn’t, not for lack of trying. I tried to use the Touring Plan app for our Universal trip, but the touring plan just wasn’t helpful. I then used the Touring Plan app for the line estimates. But they were way off, and not nearly as accurate as Universal’s own app.

If you are going during a time when they are BUSIER, perhaps the Touring Plan app will be helpful.