Can we walk to mini golf from Coronado Springs?

According to DW transportation maps online, it looks like there is a walking path from Coronado Springs to Winter Summerland Mini Golf. Is this true, and is it doable for young school-age kids? Also, is the mini golf admission separate from Blizzard Beach (we don’t want to go to a water park)?

And a random sidebar question: does the hotel provide towels at the swimming pools?

(This is my first question on the Touringplans blog, so I don’t know all the lingo yet. Don’t laugh.)

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I do not know the answer to your main question. I have not heard of a walking path there, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there! The mini-golf is separate from the Blizzard Beach admission and is a great time! Very well themed for mini-golf.

Pool towels vary by pool, but there should be towels at the main pool at Coronado Springs. In case you had more towel questions, here is a great blog post!

Hi @dawnseshadri

There is a walkway between Coronado and Winter Summerland and it would be about a mile walk between the entrances of both. Winter Summerland is separate from Blizzard Beach so you don’t need admission to BB.

Moderate hotels, like the Coronado, provide towels at the main pool but not at the quiet pools.

Have a great trip. When are you going?

Thanks to both of you! We’re going at the end of August. Should be hot. :wink:

It will be hot and you may re-think buying water park admission after walking a mile in the Florida summer :sweat_smile:

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