Can we talk GoPro

I would love to try to make a montage of disney pictures and videos and set them to a DVD. For those of you that have done this, did you use a GoPro, a camera, or your phone, or all of thee above? Is it even worth getting a GoPro? The videos I have seen look pretty steady. Can you get that with your camera or phone?

Because so many camera's and phone's have HD camera's built in now if you have one that already does this (and you're happy with the quality of the vids) I'm not sure I see the need to lug around another device. Try shooting some video's at home and see what you think. As for the GoPro specifically it gets mixed reviews. They take good video but seems to be varying reports on how good/bad the sound is.

Your phone's camera will probably work fine in good lighting. If you have a digital SLR camera that can shoot video, then that will probably work best in all situations, though the video files can get rather large. If you have a point and shoot camera, then the video may be comparable to what you shoot on the phone. I'd try out what you have just recording things around the house (both with outdoor natural light and indoors) and see if you find the quality acceptable.

If you decide to purchase a video camera, then the GoPro is great for fast motion recording, though beware that it doesn't operate light most cameras you are used to. There's no viewfinder, so you need to use your phone or tablet (iPad) to see what you're actually recording. It also records with a wide "fisheye" look, that works well in some cases, but not in others. So, if you're buying a camera and not recording a lot of high-speed action, then you might want something other than a GoPro. I haven't looked a video cameras in awhile (I'm using my digital SLR camera for most things now), so I can't offer any recommendations, but I'm sure others here will.

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Thank you. Didnt kniw that.

Ill have to check out our dd's. My phone is a 3g and is on its last leg.