Can we suspend all activity on the forums, please?


That is because there are two books. I haven’t read them, but my son has.


I got that, but the second one sounds a little crazy (even relative to the first)


My son enjoyed them both, but I have no clue what the second one is about.


The one I remember is I think he goes into space.


He slayed a dragon that’s on a leash? Aren’t there laws about that?


In my area, there are no laws against hunting dragons in captivity.


Perfectly said…

Except for that teensy little detail that the dragon was actually allegedly stayed in Libya.

Apart from that though, a great answer.



You have the King in the North.

You have the King of the Ironborn.

You have the Prince of Dorne.

Each of whom, ostensibly, sit on a throne.

Plus, of course, the well-known Iron Throne.

that’s 4 thrones (I counted).


I’m trying so hard to catch up on watching. It’s been so long that i went back to rewatch from the first episode. I’m up to season 7 and trying to get through everything before the finale.




3 episodes per night is tough. My sleep is suffering.


Well, hurry up then!

It’s like you decided to sleep at night or something. because if that’s the case, you’re clearly not dedicated enough.


Petition your lawmakers. If you don’t put pressure on them, they won’t act.



I chickened out back in 2018. Your (evil) twin was posting and asking questions about their upcoming trip, which just so happened to be occurring directly near mine. He asked all the questions I had and prompted so much discussion about everything, that I got to just lurk and enjoy being fed information with very little effort from a lot of people that knew so much about Disney World. I’m horribly shy, and my trip was a solo trip like yours… err, I mean his. There’s only so much scouring of the boards you can do for the bizarre kinds of questions prompted by anxiety, but you somehow managed to get all of mine answered, either directly or indirectly. I just wanted to say that I appreciate you and your humor, and I’m glad I get to read about all of your planning.


Any chance you’ll be sharing your perfect plans with us?


Did ya have a good time?


Yes, Matt, share it with us.

We know you want to. You know you want to.


Oh yes, everything went perfectly. I had an amazing trip!


Boooo. I was loving reading this whole thread and now I’ve turned into Waldorf. Or possibly Statler.


What a nice post! I am glad you are peaking out!