Can we suspend all activity on the forums, please?


I’m not complaining or anything…


I think you have been misguided. Without plastic straws (or straws in general) how is one supposed to drink out of the cup when there is that nasty plastic lid in the way?


It has a hole in it. Just tip the cup and you’ll be able to drink.


Wow. That’s a lot of work. Not only is Disney over-charging us, but now they are making us work harder! Unconscionable.


Here’s the solution to the straw problem. It’s all natural!


Ah. Very good. At least it’s a renewable source.



Wegman’s just went to paper straws and I’m miserable drinking a smoothie. I’m going to have to bring some steel straws from home next time! (In a carrying case so I don’t stab myself while walking the parking lot.)


I was just at target and saw stainless steel straws with silicone toppers so you don’t impale yourself.


Hmm. You know, if you are a supporter of gun control, then those steel straws could serve as an alternative to carrying a firearm!

If you are NOT a supporter of gun control, then those steel straws could serve as an addition to carrying a firearm!


An alternative would be to get the ones made out of lead. They’re much more flexible, so they’re safer!


Couldn’t i just disassemble my handgun and use the barrel as a straw?


You know, folks. I really do have a job. But you all are making it very hard to get that job done. You should stop posting so much.

(Yes, yes. I know. You might respond that I should remove the plank from my own eye instead of paying attention to the speck in your eyes…but that’s a quote from the Bible, and that leads us to a discussion of religion.)

(Oh, wait. Religion is a safe topic, according to @mousematt.)


I cannot even imagine the force required to injure someone with one of the straws that I have. I’d probably have more luck cutting someone with a paper straw.


Ew! Paper cuts are painful. Good idea.


I might have to track down the straw thread, but someone told a story about a kid walking and drinking at the same time, tripping and getting impaled in the back of the mouth and lots of blood. And this was with a plastic straw.


Not sure about plastic straws, but i imagine metal ones can do as much damage as a spoon.


Oh, that’s nothing compared to this!


Is that a metal straw stuck in a giant’s finger?


Worse. It is a splinter!


I’ve heard I look better in v-necks, but I wouldn’t wear one in Florida because of sunburn.

You can’t drink Frapuccinos right out of the cup. It would be madness,

I’m not that suggestible.

Besides, you clearly haven’t been concentrating. I’m always seduced by up-charge events. If you’d said the swim to Disney Springs was $95+tax and there were only a limited number of tickets available, I would have jumped at it.

I know. The Sermon on the Mount. It’s the only good bit of the entire Bible. I can use it against Christians if they’re getting a bit antsy with me.