Can we suspend all activity on the forums, please?


I find it very troubling that you know that.


I’m an educator. It’s my job to know about it.

It’s challenging taking different kinds of drugs all the time, but I need to keep myself up-to-date and informed.


Drug culture? I thought @heidelj was calling me Forrest Gump:



If you want to talk about offensive, i read the other day there was a planned sequel to Forrest Gump. Would have been a disaster, I assume.


I don’t, really. So let’s transition to discussion plastic straws, because I have nothing to contribute regarding cruise plans (no matter which way you decide to interpret the term “cruise”).


I think Disney could avoid these paper straws that nobody likes if they would just go to reusable plastic straws. When you’re done with it you just give it to the next person in line. Easy!


Straws… re that turtle. I want to know how that straw got up his nose. It just seems like there’s no natural means for that to happen and I wonder if someone actually did it on purpose.


I can see how it could happen. Turtle tries to eat the straw and it goes in, but gets regurgitated back out…except because it doesn’t give easily, it takes the most straightforward path back out…the nostril.


Maybe. That thing was stuck really far in. I’m not sure I want to blame the turtle’s trying to eat it or pin it on a horrible human being. Just glad the turtle was saved.


So is the suggestion that all straws at Disney should only be ones that have been stuck in animals noses?
That’s some unique recycling!


No, no! Wait. I got it! In order to eliminate the need to buy straws entirely forever, we will have straws surgically (or any other method you might afford) implanted in your nostril so that any time you need a beverage, you already have the straw with you at all times!


I think I’d prefer not to drink a milkshake through my nose


Is this too controversial? All the straws on our recent cruise and at Castaway Cay were the paper ones.

Too tame? Our toiletries were also in pump bottles vs. individual/take-with sized ones (albeit very nice glass, not-bolted-to-the-wall pumps).

Don’t shoot the messenger!


In truth, I was absent from the Forums for a couple of obviously crucial months, and did not realize until I saw this post: Storybook Dining At Artist Point: A Review that @Prof and @Mouse were secretly twins.

  1. Cruises should be banned. Cesspools. Blech.
  2. Politics is so non-controversial it isn’t even worth discussing.
  3. Religion is a thing some people have.
  4. Lots of people die. Good ones, bad ones.
  5. I like v-necks better than crew necks. Thoughts?
  6. They’re bad. And unneeded. Drink out of the cup. The argument that glasses in a restaurant are too dirty to drink out of (a common argument in these parts) drives me nuts, because if that’s the case, you shouldn’t be drinking out of these filth-ridden cups to begin with. Stopping the use of straws for everyone except those with sensory or physical disabilities that need them is such an easy thing. While we’re at it, the plastic lids to paper cups. Go buy a refillable mug or a water bottle and ask take away restaurants to fill it for you. Spoiler alert: they will.


Unacceptable! All shampoo bottles in hotels should be tiny so i can pretend I’m a giant! Each one should hold enough for approximately 1.5 people to use, just to irritate whoever takes the second shower.

However, if you must have a dispenser, it should look like this so the person doesn’t quite know what’s going to be in it.


Instructions were unclear. My sports bottle is filled with nacho cheese sauce.


That seems like the instructions were perfectly clear :wink:


So…I hear wonderful things about swimming to Disney Springs via the Port Orleans Riverside boat route. Also, there is a new online challenge where people record themselves riding Dumbo from park open to park close. Also, a MUST is to chug as many of the “Beaches and Cream” shakes in a row before riding on Test Track. :crazy_face:


My grandmother used to say this all the time