Can we suspend all activity on the forums, please?


In soccer practice in my experience.


Of course we have a swimming pool. A really tiny one in our bathroom!


That makes sense. Never played soccer, but I was on the swim team. Hence the completely different Sharks and Minnows experience. Though it does seem that playing it while running should require a different name. Maybe Lions and Antelope…



Don’t be silly. You play Lions and Antelope in a lake! :wink:

The Sharks and Minnows game goes by other names. Sometimes I’ve heard it called Spiders and Flies.


usually in the key of “E”


Ugh. Too many sharps. Let’s move it up a half-step to the key of F. Easier to play. Just one flat, then.


These controversial topics are starting to get me riled up. Let’s take it back to the “safe” topics. T-Shirts, for example. Cotton blend, or pure synthetic?


You mean politics and religion?
WDW vs DL?
Plastic straws?


I mean, yes. But I was going for the T-shirts discussion.


Okay. On second thought, what if the safe T-shirt discussion turns a bit dicey. Like posting something like this:



My bad, clearly i didn’t give @mousematt post the attention it deserved


Wait. Is that an oxymoron?



Trouble is with these examples, it is really a discussion of Grammar disguised as a T-shirt discussion…and grammar was clearly NOT on the safe topics list. So, it is all quite confusing.


You’re right, it could quickly devolve into an argument about American vs British spelling.


Oh, that’s not controversial at all, and completely safe, I’m sure. I think @mousematt just forgot to include it.



This should be safe


I don’t know. I’m feeling triggered.


That symbol is a major part of drug culture. And wholly inappropriate on a family-oriented website such as this.