Can we suspend all activity on the forums, please?


:hot_face: WHY! I haven’t seen that episode yet!



I like it. Simple and to the point.


I thought about saying “Respectfully, no”, but I didn’t want to lie.


Well, I haven’t seen ANY episode yet, so anything anyone says about the show EVER is a spoiler.

I just assume “Game of Thrones” is a Disney variation of “Pretty Pretty Princess” where you have to try to be the first Disney Princess to make it to the throne or something.


You could go on hiatus :woman_shrugging:t2:




To be honest, the whole show is a shambles.

For a start, there’s really only one throne. But it’s called Game of Thrones, plural.

So the whole premise is a lie.

Also, it’s not really a game. There are no well-defined rules. And, if there are, no-one’s following them.

It’s all very disappointing.


If you’re not going to make sensible suggestions, it would be better if you kept quiet.


I always assumed it was an historically accurate portrayal of the history of the UK.


Some bits are drawn on genuine parts of British history.

For example, the dragons bit is true. There were dragons. Well, a dragon. St George slayed it. Now there are no dragons.

Here is a photograph of him doing it:


Well, obviously. I may be American, but I learned about that in public school.

What about the giants? Those are real too, right?


The mythical dragon as portrayed today in stories was more likely a reference to actual “dragons”, meaning what we today call dinosaurs. Flying dragons = Pterosaurs, etc. Marco Polo wrote about encountering dinosaurs in his travels, and we have lots of archeological drawings from ancient peoples of dinosaurs.

So, the stories about slaying of dragons are very possibly based on truth, only our rendition of what a dragon looks like has changed over time in absence of any modern dinosaurs (aka, dragons).


Yes. Obviously. Don’t you watch television?


Is that from a TV show? I don’t recognize it.

I need a reference height. It just looks like a bearded man and his son.


It’s a documentary about a British boarding school.


Oh, Downton Abby. Got it.


That’s fake. Unlike these, which are clearly real:


I don’t dispute that those are real, but they’re clearly not British. The sky isn’t blue and cloudless in Britain.


Oh, sorry. I was merely showing evidence of giants…didn’t think to keep it to just BRITISH Giants.