Can we suspend all activity on the forums, please?

My plan for my summer vacation is complete. It is comprehensive. It is detailed. It is perfect.

Nothing can stand in the way of my happiness and a flawless trip.

Except you people. With your comments and suggestions. All it takes is a throwaway remark on a thread and I’ll think, “Oh! I could do that on my trip, too!” And I’ll try to add it. And it will throw the entire plan into doubt and confusion.

This has happened many times before. I even changed my resort this summer because of something someone said. I’m very suggestible.

So, no further forum activity until I get back, please.

Thank you.


How many days until you leave?

Let’s just say it’s about two months.

I leave in 82 days. If I post about my cruise plans (and skip the BLT and GFV plans) - is that safe?

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The following topics are acceptable:

  1. Cruise plans
  2. Politics, especially the pros and cons of the current US president and the pros and cons of Brexit
  3. Religion, which one is best, and why the other ones are rubbish
  4. Game of Thrones spoilers
  5. T-shirts
  6. Straws

Ok- I really needed that laugh this morning- thanks!

  1. Guns, and why you can never have too many

Is mousematt related to profmatt?

it’s actually his less-evil twin brother


Are we sure about that? I mean, have we done the legwork to verify this claim? Cause I’m skeptical over here.



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OMG. Thanks for the morning laugh! :joy:


So…I interpret this to mean you will be staying off the forums for a while? Because clearly that’s what you meant by that.

I mean, actually, I’m not entirely sure why I’m even replying, since, due to your personal self-exile from the forums to prevent spoiling of your upcoming trip, you won’t be back to even READ this response. That, of course, calls into question my own judgment in continuing to type. I guess that means I just like to hear my head roar, as they say. (And, who, exactly is the “they” that says that? Okay, my wife’s grandmother and mother say it…in fact, that’s where I first heard it. But other than them? Or are they the only two who make up the “they”?)



Wait. You abandon the July Facebook page but you are still “secretly” going in July?

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Nope- that was profmatt- keep up here!


No. I’ll be here to talk about politics and religion. Safe subjects like that, which won’t cause me to change my plans.

After the Incident We Don’t Talk About, I’ve become rather circumspect about being too detailed when talking about my plans. Hence my vagueness with dates. And destination.

He sounds nice. I’ll miss him. It’s his last day tomorrow. His subscription expires. Don’t ask me how I know this.


Ah, my mistake. Apologies for using sarcastic quotes!

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So, if the rest of avoid talking about safe topics like religion and politics, then you really have little reason to be here, which risks you accidentally reading something that might spoil your upcoming trip. No?

Which means to make it worth it for you to stay, we need to discuss such topics.

Okay. Here goes.

  1. There are many religions in the world, and different people hold to different belief systems, including belief systems that don’t include religion.
  2. The way we want our respective governments to run differs between people based on a myriad of reasons, such as upbringing, background, financial status, etc.

There. I’ve now discussed religion and politics. I hope I don’t get banned.



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Yes. That’s true.

Yes. That’s true, also.

Hmm. Discussing politics and religion isn’t as much fun as I thought.

OK, then. Game of Thrones spoilers.

I’ll start: Dragon.