Can we monitor/set alerts for FPP availability?

Did the Fast Pass system change since last year? As expected today was my first day for Fast Pass reservations, yet when I went on to reserve Toy Story Mania for April 17th it was already unavailable! It sold out in less and one hour?? But then I noticed that I could book Fast passes for my entire trip today, when in the past I have had to do it over the course of a few days, as I had to be 60 days in advance of each day I was booking for (although if I called I could book the whole thing). I’m thinking my day was booked up b/c others who had 60 days out from their first day could book 4/17 earlier than 60 days out, and my 60 days out just started. It is what it is I guess…

So, is there any way to monitor availability for a FP for a specific tide and date? Is there any way to set an alert on my Disney app or anything??

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TSMM is not offering FP+ for when you will be there due to the construction around Toy Story Land. Here’s a link indicating as much:

I thought I read somewhere that only 1 of the 3 tracks is running, but that is not in the above link. 60+length of stay is the norm - I’m not sure why it would have been different in the past for you although there are some possible reasons like a split onsite/offsite stay or if you were part of a group where only some of you were onsite. But the TSMM issue is purely a no FP during that time frame…


Ha! Thanks for explaining! I called into Disney to see if they knew why it was already sold out/unavailable, and the boy on the line said he checked that, and it didn’t seem to be the case! I think he was new, so maybe he didn’t check far enough. Thanks again!