Can we have 2:15 ADR and still see parade?

The ADR is at The Plaza at 2:15…

If you are seated on time and eat fast, maybe. Kinda close for my liking.

You would be very rushed. I never like to rush at Disney TS places because if I’m paying that much I want to relax and enjoy it.


I’m no expert, but I think you’ll be okay since (a) the FOF parade starts in Frontierland and (b) it’s the Plaza for lunch, not a character meal. But this assumes you get seated close to your Adr time.

Depends how important it is for you to get an unobstructed view of the parade. If you don’t mind being behind other people who’ve been saving spots for 30-45 minutes before the parade starts, then you’ll probably be ok. The Plaza isn’t very big, though, and sometimes I’ve had to wait for a while to be seated. On a positive note, it’s less popular than other TS restaurants, so it might not be full and you might get seated right away.

If it were me, I’d arrive early for my ADR and hope to get seated early (this usually works, as long as you don’t show up 4 hours before your reservation time). If possible, I’d also have folks I was touring with look over the menu ahead of time, so everyone was ready to order as soon as possible once you are seated + let the server know when you arrive that you’re planning to see the parade. They’ll likely know exactly when to expect it to arrive on Main Street.

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Thanks everyone! I didn’t know where the parade started. That gives us a little more time. Good advice about showing up early and being ready to order. That’s what we’ll do.

We had a 2:20 at Tony’s and arrived at 2:00, because we wanted to request a porch table to watch the parade. We were seated almost immediately and wound up getting our dessert before the parade even stepped off at 3:00! They encouraged us to stay and enjoy the parade, but then it was delayed (then cancelled) due to weather so it was all for naught anyway :disappointed:

Can you see the parade pass by from The plaza?