Can’t modify dining

I can’t modify my Garden View tea reservation but I can modify my Ogas res. Is this a glitch or do they not allow it for some reservations??

I just pulled up the app and couldn’t modify my tea reservation. Not near a computer to try that. Must be a glitch, but a weird one.

Some things you have to call to change.

Edit: Dining packages and special things you can only cancel or call.


I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with that too. When it doesn’t work I’ve just made the new reservation from scratch and it cancels the old one.
Just had it happen a few minutes ago where I couldn’t modify for my CG brunch res that I wanted to move back an hour. I ended up just making the new res, and the system cancelled the old one.

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I want to change the number of people. It’s not a huge deal.

I’m jealous of your CG brunch. :slight_smile: have fun. It’s all booked up on Jan 5th. I will get there one day!

Maybe I will put CG brunch into that reservation finder people talk about on here. Anyone know where I can find that?

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Omg I got a CG brunch reservation using the TP res finder!!! Yay. Awesome.


Ack! I got that notification too! You beat me to it!

Congrats and enjoy!

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I couldn’t modify a FOTLK package but was able to get 3 separate reservations and finally gave up and called and a wonderful CM was able to turn it into one reservation (it took a while but was worth the time IMO).