Can’t manage to get any TP room pick

I am trying to have TP help me put in a request for a DVC room at Boulder ridge villas. Looking for a one bedroom. I keep choosing rooms that I think will be good as a one bedroom but I never seem to get one that is a TP pick. I wish there was a way to just immediately put in a resort, room category with the TP coming up. Am I missing something? Thanks.

I have found that some room categories do not have a TP pick.

I would put in your other criteria and then choose a room that overlooks the lake/pool (so definitely not the dumpsters) and is not the 5th floor (those rooms are strange and the balconies are not good)


Plus they don’t have the Queen Murphy bed because of the low ceiling height.

What’s your criteria? And does your criteria match the drop down choices on TP? Also, if you watch YouTube videos, some will show you the balcony/view and room #, or it will be in the comments.

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Yeah, we don’t have TP picks for everything, @dstorey7. (And welcome to the forum!)

Let me know what you find, please. I’m happy to add as TP picks, a couple of rooms y’all say qualifies.

Thank you!

I guess my response on this thread was deleted this morning.

I have found that there are limited “TP picks” and often those rooms are requested by many people (reducing the chance you will get that room). I uncheck “TP picks” and then spend time scrolling through all the available room views. I will pick one, and then keep looking. If I find a view I like better it is easy to just pick that one to replace your earlier pick.

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