Can someone review my MK custom plan?

I created this plan not knowing much about the parks just looking at a map and plugging in attractions that are close to each other and randomly filling in time before my scheduled FPs. My friend looked at it and told me it was all wrong and was going to tell me how to fix it but then she left for her vacation before getting a chance to go over it. It seems to make sense to my brain, but I haven’t been to Disneyworld since 1982. We have two days planned at MK. The first day I figured we would do mostly TomorrowLand and Fantasyland, but then it didn’t fill up the whole day so I added in a few things I had intended to do on the second day instead. I’m still working on my second day plan, but I’ve included it here for your review as well.

first MK day plan;

second MK day plan:

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I’ll let some with more extensive planning experience jump in, but here are my initial thoughts. This has you going for almost 15 hours without any breaks other than an hour and 20 minutes for meals. Is that likely?

What we did with two days at MK was similar to your thought of splitting up the “lands.” We did Adventureland and Frontierland one day, and Fantasyland and Tomorrowland the other day. We did not plan to hit everything. Honestly, we only had 10 steps each day on our plans, and that’s about all we got done.

Day 1, we did Pirates, Aladdin, BTMRR, Swiss Family Treehouse, Tom Sawyer island, Tiki Room, Haunted Mansion, 7dmt (just because we got FPP), met Talking Mickey, and did Wishes.

Day 2, we did Buzz, Peter Pan, IASW, Pooh, Philharmagic, Little Mermaid, Dumbo, Buzz, people mover, 7dmt and BTMRR again because DS loved them and we got FPs. We also rode the train around.

So, what did we do with the rest of the day? Well, we only went until maybe 2 pm, then went back to the hotel for a break, and came back for dinner, a ride or two, and maybe fireworks. We got treats and shopped. We took potty breaks and people-watched. Honestly, even without the mid-day break and the shorter hours we had in January, I doubt we’d have been able to get to half of what you have on your list.

I think that 31 steps in one day is too ambitious. I also think it will take you longer to grab and eat counter service food with the lines.

Don’t waste early touring on Sorcerers do it when rides are busy 11-3 instead. It may take 20 mins alone to get food. A rule of thumb we have for breaks for breaks is 1 x 15 min break in the plan for every 2 hours even if we don’t use it and allow 1 hour for cs meal and 90 mins for ts ie Be Our Guest. This is too much for day 1 Did you Optimise this plan ? I ask because it doesn’t look as if you have with how the rides you are doing twice are spaced out. Also what ages are your party Day 2 is fine You have FOF on both days drop it on day 1 and keep on day 2 and copy then optimise day 1 if you haven’t done so .

I will take more time later tonight to leave my advice as I have to run out. Please tell me more about your stay.

Where are you staying? Will you have a car or Disney transport only? Who are going and ages?

Sorry if it sounds personal, but these help us give advice based on the ages traveling and how far you have to travel to your room.

I will be back on later tonight for more in depth help.

You definitely need to put in longer breaks for meals and I agree that it’s a waste of good touring time to do Sorcerors first thing. It may look good on paper as it is but I think you’ll be exhausted by 2pm. Part of the fun is taking in the little details and theming - not just running to the next ride.

we will have a car, but I planned on taking the busses on most days.

We are staying at POP. Three adults in our group. No kids.

Also, I put in Sorcerer’s just to go get the cards. I honestly know very little about the game, but I thought the cards would be cute keepsakes.

I am sorry this is the best I could do before I got frustrated. I kno wthere is an area close to Sleepy Hollow where you can get the cards fo SOTMK.

I hav eno idea of your meal plans for the second day.

There is down time, and I would do things differently. Like Tommorowland Transit Authority is usually a walk on and can fit where you have some time.

There is a lot of time for Day 7 after Hall of Presidents, also Swiss Family you can also do at any time. I suggest you take a break outside the parks for food and come back for the parade, or re-do favorite rides.

I am sorry I could not help more. If I come up with anything else I will reach out.

nothing comes up when I click on those links…

@amberama76 I think @Jedilogray did a great job. If you compare your original TP for 6/3 your wait time has been cut by about 2/3’s and it is roughly the same as your original for the 2nd MK day. We like waiting less is lines

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Have you tried running your plans through the Optimizer? That’s what it’s there for. :smile:

a 29 step TP - that’s ambitious even for me…

4th of July weekend is nortoriously busy, and your MK is on the 3rd, which is the Friday National Holiday. This is the kind of variable that TP does not always do a good job managing; IMHO, these wait time are VERY optomistic. TP is showing a 10 on the 4th and “only” an 8 on the 3rd; I would expect it to be close to or at a 10 on the 3rd… Did you optimize/evaluate for the actual date? If I was going to be there on the 3rd, I would probably optimize using the 4th, to get the “worst case” scenario.

You have NO meal breaks between 8:00 AM and 1:30PM - but then have Sleepy Hollow and Gaston’s scheduled 30 min apart. There is a zero wait for Speepy Hollow listed - that will never happen; plan at LEAST 20 min, plus time to eat (unless you’re going to eat and walk). You have 10 min at Gaston’s - you won’t be even halfway through the line in that amount of time - and you really need to plan on sitting (somewhere) to eat anything you get from there (unless you’re just getting drinks); you’ll need at least 30 min. Likewise 60 is unrealistically short for BOG dinner - I would plan 90.

I would not wast my time on Stitch. This is easily the worst attraction in any Disney park.

COP shows a 1 min wait; it could be a 1 minute wait, or it could be a 10 (or more) min wait depending on when you arrive. Likewise, HoP could be an 8 min wait - or it could be a 20 min wait if you just miss the start of a show. There are similar considerations for MILF, Tiki Room, and CBJ,

The opening show is always before the gates open (which, on July 3rd, is at 8 AM). I would just leave this step off of your plan for simplicity.

Someone else has already mentioned the lack of breaks during the day. Do you have children with you? 4th of July weekend will be BEASTLY hot and humid, and very crowded. Is everyone in your party up to 16 hours of non-stop (except for a 60-90 min dinner break) in those conditions. I LIVE in FL and couldn’t do it…

I don’t have time right now to analyze your second day… perhaps I’ll be able to get to it later…

Not for nothing I read it as JUNE 3, not July. I agree things would be very different if July is the time of the trip.

And it is an adult only trip.

How’d this work out for you?