Can someone help with the DVC site?

Hoping someone knows the answer if it is possible. I currently have three reservations booked with points and unsure if any or all of them will happen, but my banking window for points is ending now.
Is there any way to see on the DVC site what points are being used on each of the reservations so that I know how many I would potentially lose vs cancelling now and banking the points?

I have been trying to call DVC to find out but the line has been busy and the chat has been down.

I see the manage points area and can look at all the previous transactions but it is impossible to figure out with all the room swaps I had done.
Thank you!

Yes, on the website under “my dvc” you should be able to see “my vacation points” and then under that “view complete activity statement”. You should be able to see what contract uses what points?

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Thank you! I just found that, but got “ Sorry, your account information is not available at this time. Please check back soon.”
I’ll keep trying and also see if I can get through.

That’s funny, I can see my whole history. I am using Safari.

Safari also, I usually have trouble with the site loading occasionally. I can actually see everything for our other contract the way you said, but not with this one.

Try incognito?

I was able to get through, no points at risk to miss the banking window so I will hold on to the reservations for now.
They think I can’t see that contract because we bought it during the use year I was trying to see, so likely because we didn’t own it all year it isn’t visible, however I can see the info for the other contract for the whole year we bought so who knows?