Can someone explain MM shares (or link to where I can find out?)

I am going to be at WDW on Dec 20th and 21st and want to do a memory maker share but have no idea how they work or where to start to find one. Thank you in advance!

I would start by posting here and perhaps on the Liner group for December if your are on Facebook. You may find one that already exists and you can just join.

To start, it is best with 5 or 6 families splitting the cost, keeping in mind that only 25 individuals can connect on MDE to share pics.

I personally set up a secondary account to manage the share that way I can just give out the password and people can download their own pics.

This thread is a little outdated but the info is still basically correct. Just recent change that WDW has limited the number of friends you can connect to 25.

Feel free to ask specific questions - happy to help!

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This is so incredibly helpful. I requested to join the Liners fb for Dec and will post here if I can’t find a group through them.

Hopefully when I return in the Spring I can lead my own group because I have access to the military rate (I think it’s $98) but it won’t work for my dates in dec.

This forum is awesome.

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