Can Pop Store Refrigerated Items?

We are arriving late morning (Autotrain can arrive anytime between 8am and 10am + a 1 hour drive) and plan on stopping at Trader Joes for milk and yogurt on the way to Pop Century on check in day.

While I know they can hold luggage until our room is ready, can they hold refrigerated items? I was just going to leave our stuff in the car until the room is ready, but milk and yogurt will need a fridge if the room isn’t ready until after 3pm (trying to assume latest possible time) on a hot July afternoon.

I would think so. They hold refrigerated items for grocery services all the time.

You can get foldable refrigerated / insulated bags online or at places like Walmart. Add some ice or cooler packs to these and put your dairy in there, and they should stay very cold for a few hours.

$13 USD - Cheaper than a plastic picnic cooler, and foldable for luggage.

I will have our vehicle and could easily bring any one of our coolers, but I’m not comfortable leaving milk & yogurt in one for hours in the Florida heat. Internal vehicle temperatures can reach over 130° with an outside temp of 95°.


No worries.

I’m a Floridan, and can say the hard-shell plastic coolers are downright remarkable; if you use cubed/crushed ice in there, you should be fine for many hours.

While checking my facts, found this ‘ice stress test’, worth sharing.


I don’t have any $300+ coolers hanging around, but my trusty Coleman could work.

I was trying to just take our Jetta, but If I take the cooler I will have to take the van. Need to think on this!

So we are saying Pop won’t hold the stuff?

I would prefer that!