Can non-polynesian guests watch wishes from polynesian beach?

My searches have found conflicting answers. Sounds like anyone could watch wishes from the polynesian beach before construction but then became limited to guests during construction. Anyone know the current status? We’ll be there in about 2 weeks! thanks!

My kids and I went and ate dinner there and watched it from the boat dock :slight_smile: I’m not sure about now :slight_smile: I will be there in a week :slight_smile: I will try to find out :slight_smile:

Thanks! Have an awesome trip! You must be so excited with only one week to go!
I was thinking we’d watch wishes (10:00) from the TTC or Poly and stay for the electric water pageant (10:35). We’ll have already watched wishes from inside the park earlier in the trip so wanted to get a different perspective. From the satellite view, it doesn’t look like we can really hang out at the TTC. It’d be great to find a comfortable spot on the poly beach to watch both.

I think there is usually a sign that says that the beach is for resort guests and that is where the postings come from. That is not enforced if the sign is there. The Poly is like all resorts. Visitors are welcomed by the staff and the only place that you can not access is the pool and guest houses.

I am very excited :). Even though this is my 8th visit to the world! I still love it :). My kids all loved watching wishes. They were in awe! They loved watching the water parade also! They didn’t get to see it until the last time we went (which was 2014). They were 13, 9 and 7! This was the first time they watched it :).

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