Can my sis come swim with us?

Hello. We are staying at CR, my sister and her family are staying at CBR. Can she and/or some of her children come swim with my family at CR if they need a break from MK?

Technically, no. However, I do not know how aggressive WDW has been about enforcing this lately.

Others have reported being able to get a pool pass for visitors. Check with the front desk at the hotel.

My last trip, I visited liners and swam at both AKL and BC/YC. No one blinked an eye. Even at SAB (but it was about 10pm)

@brklinck @Armadillo_Alert @MDU Thanks guys! I’ll ask the front desk at check in just to be safe.

Surprised by SAB. Thought you had to have a fancy wrist band for that one?

Did they check for a wrist band in the fountain?? :wink: :heart:


SAB about 2 weeks ago. Don’t mind the park clothes. I was staying at POP and forgot to bring a bathing suit.

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Awesome!! We’ll be at SAB in a couple months maybe after a little fun at F&W.

They almost always check for bracelet/room key at SAB. There are times no one is there but at quieter times (like 10pm). It isn’t something you can count on though. Other resorts don’t usually check.

Yea, its best to just ask at the front desk… I am sure they can hand out a temporary pass if the gate there needs MBs to open it up.