Can my friends and family get pics on rides with memory maker?

If I link friends and family to me, can they get pics without me being there through their magic bands? For example. . . If they are on ride, will it link their pic to my memory maker if I am not with them? Thanks in advance.

I’m pretty sure the answer is yes. The other people linked to my acct had sep pics taken and sent to my acct

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I was told that my entire party of 7 will be able to link up to my Memory Maker.
It’s better (to me) since we can all share the pictures without having to take two for each family every time we take pictures.


As long as they are linked to your account, the photos will show. For us, this has been a fun way to see what the rest of our family is up to during those times when we split up in the parks. On our last visit, we caught one of our kids riding Expedition Everest at least eight times in a row, lol!

By way of follow up, can they download photos as well?

They can, but I think that in order to do that, they need to use the username and password that you set up, so when you set that up, make sure that it’s something that is unique to that Memory Maker.