Can Lyft gift cards be used to MinnieVan?

I understand that the MinnieVan (which can be used only within the confines of WDW) can be accessed through the Lyft app. I’m wondering if a Lyft Gift Card can be used toward a ride in a MinnieVan?

Seems like maybe. This is from the WDW website

Minnie Van service is $25 per trip, per vehicle. Prices are subject to change. You’ll pay for service conveniently through the Lyft app.”

i read the exact same info … i wish they’d mentioned gift cards …

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How does a gift card work in the app? I’m unfamiliar with it.

I’ve seen Uber gift cards in stores … i think Lyft cards are only available online somehow. Maybe there’s a credit applied to your app? I haven’t used it ~ i’d like to gift it to friends traveling to WDW in July (also Starbucks GCs if they’re accepted in the theme park locations).

Now this I know about :slight_smile: You can use Starbucks GC in all WDW starbucks locations. You can load them onto the app and use the app to pay (and earn stars!) . You just can’t use a reward in the WDW locations.


very happy to hear that, thank you! my sister-in-law will be jumping for joy!! LOL

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If you have a promotion code with Lyft it does apply to Minnie Vans. We were down there at the end of November/December and I randomly got a 20% off all rides from Lyft and it was automatically added to my account. When we took the Minnie Vans it only charged me $16 (This was when the price was still $20). So I would think that Lyft gift cards would be applicable to the Minnie Vans as well.

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Just did the chat on Disney web site to see what they say. Rep told me that minnie vans do NOT accept Lyft gift cards for payment, but I’m wondering if it might just be automatically applied if you have it loaded in your Lyft app account before hand?? I may just try it for our trip in September.