Can I use DME if we didn't pre-register?

I just got all of our bags into my Pilot and it was tight!! I’m starting to worry that we won’t be able to fit them all in our rental. If that is the case, can a couple of us just go hop on DME (people only, no bags)? Is it too late to register us (we arrive in just over 24 hours)? Is it an issue if we register and then don’t show up? Thanks!

I wish we could have video recorded our trying to get luggage into the Grand Caravan. It was so much work… we had 7 suitcases and 7 backpack sized bags.

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We have 3 large bags, 1 medium bag, 6 rolly carry-ons, 3 kids’ backpacks, and 3 adult “personal items.”

There’s not an inch to spare in that car. Thank God for little legs and the ability to use the floorspace!

But you are likely better prepared for the weather than I was.

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Yes, we have everything from swim suits to winter coats!

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I’m thinking maybe but make sure to keep your claim tickets when you check your bags at your departure airport to give to the DME folks. My mom and I took the kids last fall and booked 4 days before we left for our trip and we got everything on DME without their luggage tags.

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I think we would just put the bags in the rental, and use DME for people. That way we don’t have to wait for our bags.

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Yes you can.

Obviously they prefer you to pre-register, but if you have an onsite reservation then you can use DME.


Thank you! I’m hoping we won’t need to, but it’s nice to know it’s an option.


HAVE ALL THE FUN!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

(Hopefully it will all fit.)

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I was going to suggest to make sure you pick up your own bags, then also was going to say make sure you have your magic bands so they can confirm your reservation, but you might have already made the trip, so let us know how it went!

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Why not call and register with DME before you leave? Let them know you know about picking up your own luggage. Would probably make the process faster at MCO for sure.
There is no penalty for not using it in the moment.

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It turned out to be a non-issue and everything fit in the minivan :smiley: