Can I trust the TP FEA estimate for 11/23/16?

First off - I love the TP site and all the tools, and have used them on previous WDW trips, even though on occasion the future line estimates are incorrect when your feet actually hit the parks.

We are planning a quick two-day visit to WDW Wednesday 11/23 at Epcot and 11/24 at MK. Earlier in the week we will be at Universal Orlando. That Wednesday (11/23) we are leaving our Universal hotel to check -in at the Disney Swan so I have planned a half day with lunch and dinner at Epcot, so no opportunity/desire to rope drop that AM. My family would rather use the tier 1 fastpass at Epcot for Soaring ( which I have obtained already). We plan on using the single line for Test Track. TP has a current estimate of only 53 minutes for FEA at 1:51pm in my plan. Note this is a crowd level 10 day as it is Thanksgiving week, so 53 minutes seems too short IMO.

Can I trust this estimate for standby at FEA?

I think you can trust it as much as any other thing that tries to guess the future…

The biggest problem with FEA is that it has been breaking down a lot which brings the line to a halt. I would guess an hour wait probably isn’t out of the question but I wouldn’t hinge your whole plans on it. I think you’re in for a lot of really fast walking with only a half day for Epcot, so if it’s down or posted with a longer than expected time I would plan to move on and come back late in the evening before the park closes to try again.