Can I switch a cash booking to points?

If I make a cash booking through DVC, can I later switch it to points?

Right now I have 6 nights booked on points - club level at AKL. Prior to that I have 7 nights booked direct through Disney at 2 different resorts (yay tri-split stay!!). There is a big possibility that I will want to shorten my trip (I need APs, fireworks, HDDR, more restaurants, club level, dessert parties/EMM/DAH, and some form of FP to make me want to stay for 13 nights).

If there is no club level then I won’t want the stay at AKL, but since I had to walk my reservation for weeks to secure it, I’m not giving it up until last minute when I know for sure. So all my points are tied up. If I make a cash booking at CC or BW or BC, can I later switch the payment to points if I’ve decided to cancel the AKL stay? I have 200 points from 2019 that need to be used either way.

Not that I know of.

DVC - points bookings - and WDW Travel - cash bookings - are completely separate entities.

But you can do cash bookings through DVC for DVC properties, right?

Oh. Hmm. That’s a tricky question

I still don’t think it would be converting it from cash to points. I still think it would be a cancel and rebook.

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You can’t convert the cash booking to points.

You would need to modify the AKL points booking to one of the other resorts if there was availability, and then cancel the cash booking.