Can I stop now?

Leaving for WDW in 24 days (!) and I’ve done my homework, I really have! I’ve studied Genie+ and ILL and drop times and touring plans, and thanks to all you lovely Linerfolk I think I have a decent handle on what to do and how to do it.

One thing I haven’t done is look at Thrill-Data. Do I need to? I don’t know if I have it in me to tackle another data mountain.

Is Thrill-Data kinda redundant with Touring Plans? Or do they provide some uniquely helpful data or advice that TP doesn’t offer?

P.S. Just kidding, I’m not gonna stop researching and planning. But I would like to stop expanding my source material. Because otherwise there’s no end.


Thrill data can be helpful but it’s not essential IMO. It’s good for those of us who obsess about this stuff and try to find patterns/drop times, etc. But I think you’ll be fine if you find all the stuff on here and do a bit of practicing and observing of return times in MDE for the things you want LLs for.

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Thank you. You have no idea how much I wanted to hear that.


No. Touring Plans only displays averages when they share the graphs on the blogs, and they have not shown or talked about any of the drops and post 7:08 morning reloading of availability. Also, Touring Plans keeps a lot of data that they don’t share.

With Thrill-Data, everything is at your fingertips. Their graphs display most of the drops, along with the 7:08+ new return times. The big thing here is that the data displays every 5 minutes.

BUT, since you already have all the tips from the forums, you don’t have to jump into Thrill Data. It is good for some for reassurance though as it shows the most recent patterns.

I also think it’s important to test out these drops/ new releases of availability prior to your trip. (if you have time) That is probably the most reassuring.


I guess this is what I really meant to ask—is the Thrill Data already represented here in the forum, in the Drops thread. Thanks!

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I’d guess pretty much so, yes. But nothing is 100%, Disney can tweak some things at any time.

Also, there have been posts on the Genie thread too with recent visitors and their success with specific drop times. So these on the ground reports are also so very helpful.


I didn’t look at Thrill Data for drops but more for a realistic expectation of what LL I could book at certain times, and helped with what order to book rides when planning for a late entry day. The TP blog was helpful as an overview but the info isn’t as granular and doesn’t have shows etc., Thrill Data has historical data for every day with the return times for every LL option.