Can I ride FOP twice during EE?

If we are out of the room by 6am, and at the front of the EE pack, what are the chances we ride FOP and get back in line with a sub-hour wait? We don’t have any other major attractions we want to do during that time, and will also be purchasing $LL. If we only get the one rope drop and one $LL, I’ll be happy, but 3x would be epic!

I’ve seen the line going all the way to Africa after getting off during EE.


No chance. Try getting in line at park close for your 3rd ride of the day.


We’re hopping to MK that day. One can dream though :slight_smile:

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I think the deal breaker is that even if you are one of the very first to ride and could walk on, the pre-ride rooms still take 8-9 minutes and the ride another 5. add walking through the queue, going from one room to the other, boarding, and walking back out front, it’ll easily be 20 minutes+. By this time, the line will stretch literally and figuratively to Africa.