Can I plan a DAH event in TP?

Another thread, someone planned their EMM time in MK.

So, I decided to give our AK DAH event a try…but alas, TP software doesn’t even seem to know about the DAH event, so I can’t plan anything after closing.

Is this possible? If so, when do DAH events typically show up in the system?


I have thought about this as well. It would be kind of fun to estimate how many rides I can get in during MK DAH and have a plan of attack. This doesn’t exist though, maybe for the best? I bet part of the fun of DAH will be not having a plan and enjoying things on a whim.

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I was not able to this in TP when we went to VAH last summer, and I still can’t make a TP for our upcoming DAH in March. Are you going to enter the park before the AH actually starts? You can at least make a TP of that time and go from there?

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I was trying to do this recently for VDAH but, just like it’s doing for AK DAH for you, TP isn’t even recognizing the event. I mainly just wanted to set it up to get a proper idea of how long each ride time is. I was bummed it wouldn’t work.

Yeah. I can do that much, at least…but was hoping to have some kind of walking/game plan for the party itself. Since apparently they have numbers for EMM, I wonder why not for DAH.

Perhaps @len can shed some light on this?

In the very least, I’d like TP to allow me to plan time after the park closes, during the hours of DAH, even if the wait times are not accurate.

I made a plan of my own and just added it in the “notes” section after our last attraction before park closing. I know it doesn’t help with estimating the wait times during DAH, but it helped give us a direction. I added my own estimated wait times based on how long the ride takes and how long it takes to walk in between the rides.

We may be able to support it. We don’t get many requests for it.

In practical terms, the waits for DAH attractions are low enough that most of them don’t need a plan. But your points about the walk and ride times are valid.


I’d imagine you could hack it by telling the tp you have a fp for every ride? That would give you the attraction length and walking times at least.


Yeah. That could work…problem is, the TP software doesn’t even know that the DAH event is taking place, so won’t let me do anything after official park closing time. So, in the very least, allow me to say I’m doing DAH and so scheduling past closing time would be enough.

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Yeah you’d have to do it on a different day or not worry about the actual times as much as the duration time.